Table 1: The set of stereometric parameters for characterization of the poroaccessibility of intraosseous implant porous coating outer layers and the equivalent parameters proposed for determination of the interspike structural-osteoconductive potential in the MSC-Scaffold prototype.

The poroaccessibility of the intraosseous implant porous coating outer layer can be evaluated by the following parameter setThe MSC-Scaffold prototype structural accessibility for ingrowing bone tissue can be assessed by the proposed parameters set

The effective pore depth pdefThe effective height Hef
The representative pore size pSrepThe representative interspike distance Dis-rep
The effective volumetric porosity ϕVefThe relative volume fraction of the interspike space ϕVis-ef= f(Hef, Dis-rep)
The representative surface porosity ϕSrepThe relative surface fraction of the interspike compartment cross-section ϕSis-rep= f(Dis-rep)
The index of the porous coating outer layer space capacity VPMThe index of the capacity of the interspike space Vis = f(Hef, Dis-rep) [mm3/cm2]
The representative angle of the poroaccessibility ΩrepThe representative angle of the interspike space osteoaccessibility Ωrep-is = 90°−αi/2, where αi is the vertical angle of spikes
The bone-implant interface adhesive surface enlargement index ψThe bone-implant interface adhesive surface enlargement index ψis= f(Hef, Ωrep-is)