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Numerical Investigation on Head and Brain Injuries Caused by Windshield Impact on Riders Using Electric Self-Balancing Scooters

Table 3

Parameter settings of polyvinyl butyral laminated glass mode.

DescriptionVariableOuter glassInner glassPVB

Mass densityRho (kg/m3)25002500200
Poisson’s ratio for glassPRG0.230.23
Young’s modulus for glassEg (GPa)10068
Yield stress for glassSYG (MPa)11016
Plastic hardening modulus for glassETG (GPa)5060
Plastic strain at failure for glassEFG0.00040.00024
Young’s modulus for polymerEp (MPa)280
Poisson’s ratio for polymerPRP0.495
Load curve ID defining effective stress versus effective plastic strainLCSS1360/s