(a) large marker (TP)
(b) plate (EG)
(c) chips can (TVG)
(d) small marker (PP)
(e) tuna can (TP)
(f) cracker box (EG)
(g) coffee can (TVG)
(h) plastic pear (PP)
(i) golf ball (TP)
(j) pudding box (EG)
(k) power drill (TVG)
(l) washer 10 mm (PP)
Figure 2: Grasping tasks of the experiment (a-l). are the tasks ordered (: indicates the order) followed by the object of the Yale-CMU-Berkeley Object and Model Set [14] to grasp and in brackets the grasp type to be performed in each task (TP: tripod pinch, EG: extension grip, TVG: transverse volar grip, and PP: pulp pinch).