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Review Article

Knee Joint Biomechanics in Physiological Conditions and How Pathologies Can Affect It: A Systematic Review

Figure 4

A sketch map of motion and the typical curves of knee angle, moment, and power in sagittal plane for stair ascent and stair descent. (a) Sketch map of the stair ascent and stair descent motion. (b) Knee angle-time curve ((A) peak knee flexion angle and (B) peak knee extension angle. (c) Knee moment-time curve ((E) first peak knee extension moment, (F) first peak knee flexion moment, (G) second peak knee extension moment, and (H) second peak knee flexion moment). (d) Knee power-time curve ((I) first peak knee generation power, (J) first peak knee absorption power, (K) second peak knee generation power, and (L) second peak knee absorption power) [24, 25].