Research Article

Finite Element Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Corrosion Subjected to Shear

Table 1

Summary of experimental and finite element modeling results.

Experimental beamMax. load (kN)Deflection at max. load (mm)Energy (kN·m)


Finite element model
No spall (254 mm effective width) w/bonded concrete-rebar interface
0%  loss (no corrosion damage)119011.89.1
50%   loss11129.76.5
100%   loss8196.63.1
Spall (203 mm effective width) w/bonded concrete-rebar interface
0%   loss10618.95.5
50%   loss10298.55.0
100%   loss8006.93.2
SP2 (0% uniform, 75% local maximum)10509.35.8
Spall w/debonded concrete-rebar interface
0%   loss with spalled cover9207.84.2
50%   loss with spalled cover9188.34.6
SP2 (0% uniform, 75% local maximum)8537.13.5
SP2 (50% uniform, 75% local maximum)8067.03.4