Table 6: Palmgren-Miner’s sums based on measured and simulated strains.

Miner’s sumsDifference from measured (%)
MeasuredModel 1Model 2Model 3Model 4Model 1Model 2Model 3Model 4
(* ) (* ) (* ) (* ) (* )

Train 1
 G1B3 midspan1.272.262.322.262.3178%83%78%82%
 G2B6 midspan2.484.
 FB1 midspan4.1453.72.751.02.961196%−34%1131%−29%
 FB7 midspan5.3826.22422.626.1387%348%319%385%
 S2B6 midspan1.3017.08.513.111.991205%555%139%53%
 S4B6 midspan2.7217.07.931.430.85524%192%−47%−69%

Train 2
 G1B3 midspan2.474.624.584.524.5587%86%83%84%
 G2B6 midspan4.097.957.927.817.9094%94%91%93%
 FB1 midspan10.41528.11508.861369%−22%1349%−15%
 FB7 midspan12.380.16664.267.6551%434%422%450%
 S2B6 midspan3.8750.829.99.517.321211%674%146%89%
 S4B6 midspan7.6850.827.14.363.13560%253%−43%−59%

*G1B3 indicates girder G1 in Bay B3; G2B6 indicates girder G2 in Bay B6; S2B6 and S4B6 indicate stringers S2 and S4, respectively, in Bay B6.