Table 2: FRP grid material properties provided by manufacturer.

Material characteristicsValue

Tensile stress, LW207 MPa (30,000 psi)
Tensile modulus, LW17.2 GPa (  psi)
Compressive stress, LW207 MPa (30,000 psi)
Compressive modulus, LW17.2 GPa ( psi)
Flexural stress, LW207 MPa (30,000 psi)
Flexural modulus, LW12.4 GPa (  psi)
Shear modulus3.1 GPa (  psi)
Short beam shear31 MPa (4,500 psi)
Punch shear68.9 MPa (10,000 psi)
Bearing stress, LW207 MPa (30,000 psi)
Area of 1 inch deep FRP per 9 inch width per layer894 mm2 (1.43 in2)
Area of 1.25 inch deep FRP per 9 inch width per layer1112 mm2 (1.78 in2)