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A Parameter Classification System for Nonrevenue Water Management in Water Distribution Networks

Table 4

Classification of main parameters in water distribution systems [4, 8, 3638].


Waterworks Network Diagnosis Manual (2007, Ministry of Environment) [38]Water supply pipe (property data), deteriorated ratioPipe material, pipe type, inner and outer pipe coating types, elapsed years, soil type, number of complaints of leaks and water quality, pipe diameter, thickness and external corrosion depth, external corrosion circumference, thickness of scale, and others
Evaluation of small DMASize configuration (loop or resin type), internal and external stagnation parts of DMA, occurrence of rust, scale attachment of pipe, hydraulic pressure and measurement facility in DMA, leak measurement management, and number of leaks

Park, IWA [23]Leak evaluation indexFiscal self-reliance ratio, reservoir capacity, water supply population, water price cost recovery rates, water meter (13 mm) installation rate, amount of daily water supply per person, and length of deteriorated (more than 20 years) and water supply pipe
Effective parameter of revenue water ratioScale of water supply (population growth rate, population of water supply per number of demand junctions, and water supply rate), facility scale (total pipe length of DMA, administrative area, number and capacity of reservoirs, and water meter (13 mm) installation rate), financial condition (fiscal self-reliance ratio, investment ratios of maintenance cost compared to expenditures and facility improvement cost compared to expenditures, replacement rate of DMA pipes per year, and water price cost recovery rates), and deteriorated facility (length of deteriorated pipe, new installation per year, and number of leaks per number of demand junctions)

Jang [40]Effective parameter of revenue water ratioNumber of leaks and demand junctions, pipe age, hydraulic pressure, and nightly minimum flow

Lee [41]Rise in revenue water ratioReplacement rates of DMA, inlet pipe and water meter, and recovery rate of leaks

Chung et al. [42]Effective parameter of revenue water ratioPopulation per pipe length in DMA, percentage of homes older than 21 years, ratio of apartment units, and installation rate of 13 mm for water meter