Advances in Civil Engineering / 2018 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Discrete Element Simulation of Roadway Stability in an Efflorescent Oxidation Zone

Table 2

Borehole parameters and the efflorescent oxidation zone thickness on the number 39107 working face.

IdentifierLocationGround elevation (m)Thickness of erosion (m)Thickness of bedrock (m)Interval of efflorescent oxidisation (m)Vertical distance between the ground and the number 9 coal seam (m)Notes

OX-104Outside of the mining area1437.5827.00111.12134–140138.12The number 9 coal seam and overlying strata are all in the efflorescent oxidisation zone
110–130Within the mining area1392.9827.0098.5386–93125.53The local area surrounding the number 39107 roadway is in the efflorescent oxidisation zone