Advances in Civil Engineering / 2018 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Stability and Failure Mechanism Analyses of the Zhenggang Landslide in Southwestern China

Table 4

Treatment designing for landslide stabilization.

Zone IZone II

The first schemeReasons: the exits of flood discharge tunnel lie below the foot of Zone I.
Measures: dig out all landslide deposit above the strong weathered line; take slope rates of 1 : 1.6, 1 : 1.4, 1 : 1 and 1 : 0.8; add prestressed anchor cable; necessary slope protection and intercepting drain arrangement; deformation monitoring.
Reasons: better in stability than Zone I; a large volume of the landslide; impossible to dig out all landslide deposit and add supports widely in Zone II.
Measures: reducing load by slope cutting in elevations of 2800–3150 m; applying support of antislide pile; deep drainage; deformation monitoring.
The third schemeReasons: even though the landslide occurs after building construction, it will not have influence on the safety of reservoir operation.
Measures: intercepting drain; deep drainage; crack closed.