Advances in Civil Engineering / 2018 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Flexural Modelling and Finite Element Analysis of FRC Beams Reinforced with PVA and Basalt Fibres and Their Validation

Table 1

Material and mixture composition used in the experimental program.

MaterialsSeries “P”Series “S”Series “M”

Ordinary Portland cement (OPC)450 kg/m3405 kg/m3405 kg/m3
Silica fume45 kg/m3
Metakaolin45 kg/m3

Fine aggregate670 kg/m3

Coarse aggregates600 kg/m3 (aggregate size: <10 mm), 500 kg/m3 (aggregate size: 10 to 20 mm)

Fibre content013 kg/m326 kg/m3013 kg/m326 kg/m3013 kg/m326 kg/m3
26 kg/m352 kg/m326 kg/m352 kg/m326 kg/m352 kg/m3
39 kg/m378 kg/m339 kg/m378 kg/m339 kg/m378 kg/m3

Note. In series, “P” represents plain concrete (without silica fume or metakaolin), “S” represents silica fume concrete, and “M” represents metakaolin concrete.