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Research Article

Analysis of the Seismic Demand of High-Performance Buckling-Restrained Braces under a Strong Earthquake and Its Aftershocks

Table 2

Parameters of near-field seismic recording.

No.Ground motionMagnitudeStationSite typeFault distance (km)PGA (g)PGV (cm/s)PGV/PGA (s)

1Imperial Valley6.5955 ECC, D4.20.3676.60.213
2Imperial Valley6.55154ECC092C, D7.60.23568.80.293
3N. Palm Springs6.05071 MVC, D10.10.20540.90.204
4Northridge6.70655JFPC, D6.20.424106.20.250
5Kocaeli7.4YarimcaC, D2.60.26865.70.245
6Kobe6.9TakatoriC, D0.30.611127.10.208
7Chi-Chi7.6CHY-101C, D11.140.441150.261