Research Article

Coupled Effect of Curing Temperature and Moisture on THM Behavior of Cemented Paste Backfill

Table 2

Parameters and conditions used for model verification.

Parameters and conditionsValues

Curing temperature (°C)30; 30; 10; 10; 20; 20
Curing age (d)28
Curing humidity (%)70; 70; 45; 95; 95; 95
Thermal conductivity of the solid matrix (W/(m·K))3.15
Initial porosity of the CPB samples0.45
Specific heat of the solid matrix (J/(kg·K))1300
Density of the solid matrix (kg/m3)2200
Density of liquid water (kg/m3)1000
Specific heat of liquid water (J/(kg·K))4200
Initial temperature of the CPB samples (°C)30; 30; 10; 10; 20; 20
Initial humidity of the CPB samples (%)100
Initial displacement field (m)0
Initial structural velocity field (m/s)0
Top surfaceConfined deformation
Lateral sidesFree
Bottom sideFixed
Volume forceGravity