Advances in Civil Engineering / 2021 / Article / Tab 2

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Flocculation Settling Characteristics of Ultra-Fine Iron Tailings with Rich Gypsum

Table 2

Natural and flocculating sedimentation experiments of tailings.

Experiment no.Test typeName of flocculantsConcentration of flocculant solution (‰)Flocculant dosage per ton of dry tailing (g/t)Initial concentration of tailing slurry (%)

#1Natural sedimentationNo flocculant40
#2Flocculating sedimentationPheomax9010 BASF32040
#3Flocculating sedimentationM³42 BASF32040
#4Flocculating sedimentationAnionic flocculant with 12,000,000 MW (Northern Chemistry)34040
#5Flocculating sedimentationNonionic flocculant with 12,000,000 MW (Northern Chemistry)34040