Table 7: List of Benchmarks.

Benchmark Suite Description

ShaCE MiBench The secure hash algorithm that produces a 160- bit message digest for a given input.
BitcountCE MiBench Tests the bit manipulation abilities of a processor by counting the number of bits in an array of integers.
FirCE SNU-RT Finite impulse response filter (signal processing over a 700 items long sample).
JfdctintCE SNU-RT Discrete-cosine transformation on 8 × 8 pixel block.
AdpcmCE Mälardalen Adaptive pulse code modulation algorithm.
CntCE Mälardalen Counts nonnegative numbers in a matrix.
CompressCE Mälardalen Data compression using lzw.
DjpegCE Mediabenchs JPEG decoding.
GzipCE Spec 2000 Compression.
NsichneuCE Wcet Benchs Simulate an extended Petri net.
Automatically generated code with more than 250 if-statements.
StatemateCE Wcet Benchs Automatically generated code.