ALGORITHM: gap-Bide (SDB, _session, min_sup_les,
min_sup, M, N)
INPUT: (1) SDB: An input sequence database with time, (2)
_session: the time user session, (3) min_sup_les: the
minimum support threshold of getting large event set, (4)
min_sup: the minimum support threshold of getting closed
sequential pattern, (5) and : the parame-ters of a gap
OUTPUT: the set of gap-constrained closed sequential patterns.
(1) call getLargeEventSet (SDB, _session, min_sup_les);
(2) select sequence from input database only contained in LES
(3) find the set of length-1 frequent sequential patterns, 1;
(4) for each item in 1
(5) call patternGrowth( );
(6) return
Algorithm 1: Improved Gap-BIDE algorithm.