Table 1: Facts Scoring Protocol.

Belief typeCritical or irrelevant for SOX compatibility
Important or not for the quality of the process

SOX compatibility weight1 if it is needed and mandatory for SOX compatibility
0 in rest of cases

Quality weightX
(The agent's beliefs do not have the same relevance in the quality of the process. Critical SOX beliefs will have a total relevance of 50% over the rest of agent's beliefs although these would be less in number)

SOX compatibility valuationLogical boolean valuation: true (t) or false (f)
(t) if this belief exists in the facts base of the analyzed business case
(f) in rest of cases
(NA) in case this belief is irrelevant for SOX compatibility

Quality valuationValuation of the fact of the analyzed business case corresponding to this belief inside the range [−10 (penalization), 10]