Table 13: Facts Scoring Matrix of the Suppliers Selection Process.

Suppliers selectionSOX compatibility valuation
weight (value)
Quality valuation of the suppliers selection process
weight (value)

Participant suppliers1 (v)0.5/2 (v)
Agreement of confidentiality1 (v)0.5/2 (v)
RFI request for information0 (NA)0.5/8 (v)
Financial analysis0 (NA)0.5/8 (v)
Followed selection process0 (NA)0.5/8 (v)
Structure and organization of the supplier0 (NA)0.5/8 (v)
Technical capability0 (NA)0.5/8 (v)
Level of prices0 (NA)0.5/8 (v)
Quality security and processes0 (NA)0.5/8 (v)
Flexibility and risks management0 (NA)0.5/8 (v)