Table 6: Followed Selection Process Scoring Protocol.

Belief typeIrrelevant for SOX compatibility
Important for the quality of the process

SOX compatibility weight0
(not needed belief for SOX compatibility)

Quality weight0.5/8
(The 10 beliefs that compose the base knowledge do not have the same relevance in terms of quality over the Suppliers Selection Process. The SOX critical beliefs have a total relevance of 50% over the rest of beliefs. In this case there are 2 SOX critical beliefs and 8 non-SOX critical ones)

SOX compatibility valuation(NA) does not apply

Quality valuationValuation of the fact of the business case that corresponds to this belief inside the range [−10 (penalization), 10]
−10 (penalization) if a structured and predefined selection process with predefined criteria for all suppliers was not properly done
10 in rest of cases