Figure 2: OpD Bi2212 static diffraction patterns. (a)–(c) Reflection patterns obtained at three different electron probing directions (by rotating the crystalline sample), as indicated in the lower right corner. The large lattice constant along c and the nm depth of electron probing give rise to the rod-like patterns; from (a), the intensity modulation along the diffraction rods gives the out-of-plane lattice parameter of c 30 Å. The indices for different diffraction rods are given. Note that the satellites of the main diffraction rods in (c) manifest the 27-Å modulation along the b-axis of Bi2212. (d) Transmission diffraction pattern obtained by our electron microscope. The square in-plane structure is evident, with the presence of the b-axis modulation which is also seen in (c). The colored arrow indicates the direction of the cuts taken in the reciprocal space for the analysis of the data.