Advances in Condensed Matter Physics / 2015 / Article / Fig 2

Research Article

Electrochemical Characterization of Nanoporous Nickel Oxide Thin Films Spray-Deposited onto Indium-Doped Tin Oxide for Solar Conversion Scopes

Figure 2

Schematic depiction of the morphological evolution of the ITO/electrolyte interface upon electrochemical cycling and consequent lithiation of the oxide. Blue lines represent the surface sections of (a) pristine ITO and (b) grains which are exposed to the electrolyte. Black lines in (a) and (b) represent the grain borders of the electrode (sectional view), which are not in contact with the electrolyte prior to lithiation. Red lines in (b) represent the expansion of the /electrolyte interface (sectional view) with respect to the interface of pristine ITO prior to electrochemical cycling.