Purpose: Prognostic comparison of phosphohistone-H3 (PPH3) with Cytokeratin 5/6 and/or 14 positive (= basal-CK), triple (ER, PR, HER2)-negative (= TNP) and basal-like (= TNP and basal-CK positive) phenotype in invasive breast cancers.Patients and Methods: Classical variables, PPH3, ER, PR, basal-CK and HER2 in 240 T1–2N0M0 patients under 71 years.Results: TNP and basal-like cancers had higher PPH3 expression than the other cancers (mean 48 versus 11, P < 0.001). Fifteen percent of the patients in the whole group, but 32–38% of TNP and basal-like cancers recurred.With multivariate analysis, PPH3 < 13 (n = 156) versus ≥ 13 (n = 84 = 35% of all cases) was the strongest and only prognosticator (10-year survival 96% and 64%, P ≤ 0.001, Hazard ratio = 9.0).Conclusion: PPH3 is the strongest prognosticators in luminal, Triple negative and basal-like T1–2N0M0 invasive breast cancers.