Research Article

Tremella fuciformis Polysaccharides Attenuate Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Macrophages through miR-155

Figure 6

The signaling pathways that TFPS attenuates during LPS-induced RAW264.7 cell injury. (a, b) The phosphorylated-Akt, Akt, phosphorylated-p38MAPK, p38MAPK, phosphorylated-NFκB, NFκB, MCP-1, SOD-1, and GAPDH protein expression levels in control, LPS-treated (1 μg/ml), TFPS-treated (200 μg/ml), and TFPS-pretreated (200 μg/ml) + 1 μg/ml LPS-treated (LPS + TFPS) cells, as assessed by Western blotting (, , versus control; , versus the LPS + TFPS group). (c) Nuclear translocation of NFκB in control, LPS-treated, and LPS + TFPS-treated RAW24.7 cells was analyzed by immunofluorescence microscopy using the NFκB p65 subunit antibody (Green). The nuclei were stained with DAPI. Representative images of three independent experiments are shown.