Table 1: (a) Clinical data of children with cerebral palsy and autoantibodies to TG6. (b) Summary of gastrointestinal data and laboratory results previously performed [6, 10] for those CP children testing positive for autoantibodies to TG6.

Patients sex/age (—/yr)IQ N  = normal MR = mental retardationDiagnosis/subdiagnosis of CPGMFCSCP etiology Neonatal data 
W = gestational age when born
Brain MRI/CT/USEpilepsy and treatment

F/17NAU/ AIUnknownPNMRI, normal
M/18MRTPVAsphyxia PN Asphyxia at birthUS, wide ventricles, small subependymal bleeding
M/4MRTPIV-VTraumatic injury 3 months of agePNCT, focal infarct, cortical, subcortical, and basal ganglia damageLamotrigine
M/12NAIIHydrops fetalisHydrops fetalis 
CS; W  28
MRI, cortical and subcortical damage
F/18MRTPVAsphyxiaCS; W  40CT, focal infarct
F/18NHF/HPIILeft cerebral infarction at 1 years of agePNMRI and CT, cortical and subcortical damage, and hydrocephalus
M/20MRTPVAsphyxiaCS; W  40NA
F/7NHPIAsphyxiaCS; W  32 NA
F/14MRDPIII AsphyxiaW 26. Asphyxia at birthNACarbamazepine
F/17MRHC/ HP IIBrain malformation at birthPNMRI, brain malformationValproate
M/20MRTPVAsphyxiaNA Valproate
M/9MRTPVTraumatic injury 1 years of agePNCT, focal infarctValproate, lamotrigine, and vigabatrin


Patients sex/age (—/yr)IgA anti-TG6 cutoff value >14 U/mLIgG anti-TG6 cutoff value >34 U/mLIgA AGAIgG AGAIgA TG2IgG TG2HLA DQ-typeIgA/IgG DGP cutoff >20 U/mLSmall bowel biopsiesGI symptoms

F/17 17.3Pos.7.8Positive DR staining grade 1NA
M/1818.5Pos.Pos.NA6.8Positive DR staining grade 2
M/1223.9Pos.Pos.6NAOral dysfunction
F/1823.1Pos.Pos.Pos.2.526IgA deposits and   IEL’s, DR staining grade 2C
F/1872.47NANAUnspecific abdominal pain
C, D
M/2069.1Pos.NANAGERD, PEG, C
M/974.8Pos.Pos.6.8NAPEG, C

Abbreviations: A: Ataxia; HP: Hemiplegia; TP: Tetraplegia; DP: Diplegia; AU: Autism; HC: Hydrocephalus; HF: Heart Failure; GERD: gastroesophageal reflux disease; PN: partus normalis and born term; CS: Caesarean section; C: Constipation; N: normal; MRI: magnetic resonance imaging; CT: computer tomography; US: Ultrasound; PEG: percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy; GMFCS: Gross Motor Function Classification System, graded I–V; D: Diarrhoea; NA: not applicable; Pos: positive; IEL: intraepithelial lymphocytes.