Table 2: Correlation between indicators of feeding problems and immunity to TG6 and to AGA analysed previously ( )* [6].

AGA positive 41/99* (41%)AGA negative 58/99* (59%) value TG6  antibody positive 12/96 (12.5%)TG6 antibody negative 84/96 (87.5%) value

Weight−1.960 SD−1.00 SD −1.917 SD−1.304 SD
BMI−1.175 SD−0.136 SD −0.528 SD−0.537 SD
PEG 10/133/13 2/1311/13
GERD 6/115/11 3/107/10

90 children age < 18 year were published in the referred paper. Here we have calculated with the whole cohort, , since we have the data available.
1 missing for analysis of TG6-antibodies.
SD: weight ± standard deviation (SD), also referred to as weight -scores, standardized to the Swedish general population by age and sex and based on 3,650 healthy children [20]. GERD: gastroesophageal reflux disease; PEG: percutan endoscopic gastrostomy; AGA: IgA and IgG gliadin antibodies TG6: transglutaminase 6.