Figure 3: Human CRP is expressed exclusively in the CNS in nCRPtg mice. (a) qRT-PCR of mRNA isolated from livers, brains, and spinal cords (SC) of CRPtg (black bars) and nCRPtg mice (open bars). The data shown are from mice of each genotype and are normalized to baseline expression of CRP by CRPtg livers. Robust human CRP mRNA is detectable in the CNS of nCRPtg and in the livers of CRPtg. (b) Human CRP protein levels in the CSF collected from CRPtg and nCRPtg mice, injected with LPS, or left untreated ( mice per group). Human CRP was detected in the CSF of nCRPtg but was not detected (nd) in the CSF of CRPtg. (c) as in (b), but showing blood levels of human CRP, only detectable in the plasma of CRPtg.