Table 5: Names of occurring plant species for the described transects and profiles, including the fractional cover.

Transect 1 —Pleistocene Ridge

Betula nana 5Betula nana 1Betula nana +Eriophorum vaginatum 80Betula nana 10
Ledum decumbens +Vaccinium vitis-idaea 5
Vaccinium vitis-idaea 1Ledum decumbens +Ledum decumbens 10
Salix pulchra 1Ledum decumbens 1Arctagrostis latifolia ssp. arundinacea + Hylocomium splendens +
Vaccinium vitis-idaea 10Vaccinium vitis-idaea 1Eriophorum vaginatum +Polytrichum sp. + Poaalpigena +
Ledum decumbens 1Arctagrostis latifolia ssp. arundinacea + Cetraria laevigata +
Eriophorum vaginatum +Poa alpigena 1Cetraria islandica +Eriophorum vaginatum +
Poa alpigena +Aulacomnium turgidum 80Dactylina sp. 5
Cetraria laevigata 2Polytrichum sp. 5 Peltigera aphthosa 20Vaccinium vitis-idaea 1
Dactylina sp. 60 Tomenthypnum nitens 5Hylocomium splendens 50Dicranum polysetum 10
Dicranum sp. 10 Cetraria islandica +Aulacomnium turgidum +Hylocomium splendens 50
Rhytidium rugosum +Peltigera aphthosa 1Dicranum sp. 20 Aulacomnium turgidum +
Tomenthypnum nitens 10
Cetraria islandica 7
Peltigera aphthosa +

Transect 2- Slope

Betula nana 30Betula nana 20Betula nana 50
Ledum decumbens 10Ledum decumbens 30
Vaccinium vitis-idaea 5Vaccinium vitis-idaea 10
Cassiope tetragona +Poa alpigena +
Hylocomium splendens +Salix glauca +Carex aquatilis ssp. stans 10
Dicranum sp. + Vaccinium vitis-idaea 5Peltigera aphthosa 10
Polytrichum sp. + Ledum decumbens 5Cetraria islandica +
Cetraria nigricans 10Carex aquatilis ssp. stans + Cetraria levigata +
Cetraria islandica 15Poa alpigena +Aulacomnium turgidum 45
Dactylina sp. 5 Hylocomnium splendens 15Dicranum sp. 25
Aulacomnium turgidum +Tomenthypnum nitens 10Hylocomnium splendens +
Dicranum polysetum +Aulacomnium turgidum 5Rhytidium rugosum +

Transect 3— Drained Thaw lake

Betula nana 20Salix pulchra 10Eriophorum angustifolium 20Carex chordorrhiza 1
Betula nana +
Vaccinium vitis-idea 35
Carex stans +
Calamagrostis holmii 1
Poa alpigena +Carex aquatilis ssp. stans +
Vaccinium vitis-idaea 10Polytrichum sp. 80 Rhytidium rugosum 60
Arctagrostis latifolia ssp. arundinacea 5 Cetraria islandica 10Tomenthypnum nitens 20Eriophorum angustifolium 5
Polytrichum sp. 50 Cetraria laevigata 5Sphagnum squarrosum +Sphagnum squarrosum 95