Table 1: Selected characteristics of the soil samples.

Soil symbols
Mechanical composition (%)Chemical properties
Soil series Israel* USA** Soil classification USDA**SandSiltClayOM
g kg−1
g kg−1

Is1(G)Grumosol Typic chromoxerets21.725.452.912.4114.41.0
Is2(S) Loamy loessCalcic haploxeralf37.740.621.79.1108.22.2
Is3(A)Terra rossa Lithie ruptie xerochrept2.632.764.722.61460.5
Is4(E)Hamra Typic Rhodoexeralf7910118.222.20.8
Am1Reiff cm***Mollic xerofluevents29541719.466.40.72
Am2Reiff om****Mollic xerofluevents2755182364.21.17
Am3CapayTypic xerofluevents7623114.477.10.73

***cm: soil under conventional management.
****om: soil under organic management.