Table 3: Barium in plant parts of the tested species according to the rate of organic material treatment*.

RateOilseed radishSunflowerCastor oil plant
RootStraw (S)Pod (P) RootStraw (S)Flower (F) RootsShoots

Mg ha−1mg kg−1
Sugar cane filter cake0111.0 a56.6 a19.2 a75.8 a76.7 a31.1 a18.5 a49.56 a39.8 b30.1 ba
20109.7 a56.0 a21.3 a77.3 a76.0 a32.2 a15.2 b47.4 ba53.1 a31.7 a
40105.0 a58.5 a20.7 a79.2 a75.0 a27.8 ba15.5 ba43.4 bc46.5 ba30.9 a
80103.8 a56.8 a19.7 a76.6 a75.0 a25.6 b11.9 c37.5 c50.2 b26.0 b
Average107.4 A57.0 A20.2 A77.2 A75.7 A29.2 A15.3 B44.5 B47.4 A29.7 A

Peat0107.4 a58.1 a17.0 a75.1 a73.3 a31.2 a21.4 a52.6 a44.9 a533.7 a
20108.3 a59.4 a17.6 a77.0 a76.0 a32.0 a21.4 a53.4 a44.3 a627.9 a
40105.5 a57.8 a13.8 a71.6 a72.0 a30.9 a22.8 a53.7 a41.2 a560.2 a
80109.7 a58.8 a15.4 a74.2 a76.7 a25.9 b18.3 b44.2 b42.7 a618.3 a
Average107.7 A58.5 A16.0 A74.5 B74.5 A30.0 A21.0 A51.0 A43.3 B585.0 A

presented are the average of 3 replicates. Means followed by the same letter are not significantly different by the Tukey’s test at . Upper case letters, in columns, compare plant tissues and lower case letters, in columns, compare rate of amendments.