Research Article

Effect of Land Application of Phosphorus-Saturated Gypsum on Soil Phosphorus in a Laboratory Incubation

Table 4

Combined effect of soil type and time averaged across phosphorus (P) saturation level and gypsum rate and combined effect of soil type and gypsum rate averaged across time on soil pH.

Soil typeDays after Amendment

Sandy loam4.39 d4.28 e4.21 f
Silt loam6.12 b6.11 c6.15 a

Unamended sandy loam4.554.444.18
Unamended silt loam6.296.276.22

Gypsum Rate (Mg ha−1)

Sandy Loam4.15 c4.44 b
Silt Loam6.11 a6.14 a

followed by different letters were determined to be significantly different at . Means for the unamended soils were not compared statistically to the amended soils.