Table 6: Measured and estimated phosphorus flows (kg P ha−1 year−1) and selected quotients (kg P kg P−1) in the cropping systems at Apelsvoll, mean 2001–20101.

P flowCropping system2

Cattle slurry applied0.
P in seeds2.
Sum field P input32.532.10.725.18.411.1

Harvested P324.120.58.821.018.220.7
Drainage and runoff P0.
Sum field P output24.320.78.921.218.420.9

Field P budget8.211.5−8.23.9−10.0−9.8

Harvested P4/applied P0.720.700.822.171.82

1Timestep used is the agrohydrological year (May–April), thus, covering the period May 2001–April 2011.
2Each system covers 0.18 ha, and consists of four rotation plots á 0.045 ha.
3Including the P removed with straw. Harvested grass-clover P was reduced by 10% to account for likely harvest-related losses under practical conditions (see Section  2).
4Not including P removed with straw.