Table 5: Mean above-ground tissue nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations by plant species and growth cycle.

PlantGrowth cycle

Tissue nitrogen (%)
B. tectorum (without competition)2.07A2.27A2.27A3.68AB3.35
B. tectorum (in competition)1.26AB1.50B 4.20A3.86
L. triticoides1.02B1.13BC2.56BC3.58AB
E. wawawai ensis0.97B0.97BC2.13C2.09C
A. hymenoides1.46B0.78C3.34A3.00BC

Tissue phosphorus (mmol kg−1)
B. tectorum (without competition)91.0A110.7A122.8AB112.7AB93.3B
B. tectorum (in competition)ndnd131.6A134.6A129.3A
L. triticoides24.2BC32.9B94.5C84.5BC
E. wawawai ensis18.2C27.8BC67.7D58.2C
A. hymenoides41.2B19.6C99.8BC58.7C

Separate ANOVAs used for each growth cycle. For each column, different superscripted letters denote significant differences. nd: not determined due to lack of sufficient plant tissue for analyses.