Table 1: Average measured soil physical properties for the shallow seedling recruitment zone of the hillslope positions.

Hillslope position Textural class Clay Silt Sand Organic matter Bulk density

SW summitSilt loam56.7d746.7a196.7c35.3d1.12a
SW backslopeSilt loam96.7c616.7c286.7b38.7cd1.04a
SW toeslopeClay loam286.7a323.3e390.0a60.6a0.86b
NE summitSilt loam83.3cd690.0b226.7c44.0bc1.09a
NE backslopeSilt loam93.3c640.0bc266.7b34.7d1.13a
NE toeslopeLoam156.7b463.3d380.0a46.0b1.05a

Soil property means within a column, followed by different letters are significantly different at according to Fisher’s protected LSD.