Table 1: Characteristics of available HyMap data sets and its acquisition parameters.

DoAToA (UTC)*Number of stripsSolar angles (°)Heading** (°) (±2°)MFA MSL (m)PS  (m)

August 09, 200413:30–14:207Azimuth: 117.2–130
Zenith: 46.3–52.2
May 27, 20059:50–10:507Azimuth: 152.7–178.3
Zenith: 31.7–34.0
July 29, 20089:50–11:20 10Azimuth: 147.1–183.1
Zenith: 35.3–38.7

*Local time is given by UTC+2. **Neighboring strips have the opposite flight direction. DoA: day of acquisition, ToA: time of acquisition, MFA ASL: mean flight altitude above mean sea level, and PS: pixel size.