Table 8: Mean deviation (RMSE) of predicted clay and organic carbon contents in the overlap area of the HyMap flight strips and standard errors of PLSR models generated using the spectra transformed to absorbance (Abs) and spectra transformed to first derivative of absorbance (Abs_Deriv1). Bold numbers indicate model parameters presented in Table 7.

Day of acquisitionNumber of pixels estimatedClayOrganic carbon
RMSEoverlapSEP* or SEC**RMSEoverlapSEP* or SEC**

August 9, 20043601569.6338.99 28.35**3.862.202.35**
May 27, 200526020622.4617.0320.96* 2.340.603.13*
July 29, 20086030812.9515.39 22.89**2.210.791.88**

SEC: standard error of calibration in (g kg−1) and SEP: standard error of validation in (g kg−1).