Table 1: Effects of biochar sourced from different biomass on soil C.

CountrySoil typeTreatmentApplication rate Changes in soil C*Source Remark

Philippines GleysolsRice husk biochar41.3 t ha−112.9 g kg−1[54]After 3 years
Philippines NitosolsRice husk biochar41.3 t ha−112.4 g kg−1[54]After 3 years
ThailandAcrisolsRice husk biochar41.3 t ha−10.51 g kg−1[54]After 3 years
EthiopiaNitosolsMaize stalk biochar5 t ha−10.71%[55]Incubation trial
EthiopiaNitosolsMaize stalk10 t ha−10.77%[55]Incubation trial
South AfricaAcidic sandy soilsPinewood sawmill biochar10 t ha−18.11%[56]Pot trial
IndiaVertic ustropeptProsopis biochar5% of the incubated soil4.5 g kg−1[57]After 90 days of incubation
KenyaFerrasolAcacia tree biochar50 t ha−10.7%[58]Greenhouse experiment

Changes in soil C refers to the increase in C due to addition of biochar against the control plots.