Table 4: Dry matter yield, element concentration, and adequate nutritional range for corn grown in the soil mixtures studied.

Attributes Proportion of contaminated soil (%)EquationRegression coefficienta
02550 75100 Adequate range

Dry matter (g pot−1) NS
N (g kg−1) 27–35b 0.27*
P (g kg−1) 2.0–4.0b 0.28*
K (g kg−1) 17–35b 0.73*
Ca (g kg−1) 2.5–8.0b 0.48*
Mg (g kg−1) 1.5–5.0b 0.76*
S (g kg−1) 1.5–3.0b 0.75*
B (mg kg−1) 10–25b 0.91*
Cu (mg kg−1) 6–20b 0.51*
Fe (mg kg−1) 30–250bNS
Mn (mg kg−1) 20–200b 0.77*
Zn (mg kg−1) 15–100b 0.81*
Cd (mg kg−1) 0.1cNS
Cr (mg kg−1) 0.20cNS
Ni (mg kg−1) 0.19cNS
Pb (mg kg−1) 0.02c 0.30*

Significant at (*) and not significant (NS).
bvan Raij et al. [34].
cU. C. Gupta and S. C. Gupta [35].