Table 5: Untransformed treatment means for all analyzed mineral fertilizer nutrients in runoff from Experiment simulated rainfall plots. Note: values have been extrapolated to a kg ha−1 basis.

Contaminant MFFMFW
Kg ha−1

TSS15.6a‡17.6a 5.7a
TKN 1.1b 5.9ab16.7a
DTKN 0.33b 5.4ab16.4a
NH4-N 0.067b 5.4ab15.7a
DNH4-N 0.067b 5.4ab15.6a
NO3-N 0.033b 0.2ab 0.4a
TP 0.10b 5.4ab18.9a
DP 0.07a 1.5a13.9a

: untreated control; MFF: fertilizer, filtered by a 1.0 m grass strip; MFW: fertilizer applied to whole plot.
Values within a row followed by different letters are significantly different according to a protected LSD test ( ).
Three DP samples were lost due to a laboratory error. The consequent loss of statistical power may have contributed to a failed F-test ( ) for the protected LSD procedure.