Table 1: Physiochemical characteristics of soil (G) and soil mixed with biopreparations (MSO1 and MSO2) used in the experiment.


pH in H2O
pH in 1 M KCl
CEC (cation exchange capacity)cmol kg−1 d.m.
TC (total carbon)mg kg−1 d.m.
Total nitrogenmg kg−1 d.m.
Available phosphorusmg P2O5 kg−1 d.m.
Cdmg kg−1 d.m.
Crmg kg−1 d.m.
Cumg kg−1 d.m.
Nimg kg−1 d.m.
Pbmg kg−1 d.m.
Znmg kg−1 d.m.

The data for GMSO1 and GMSO2 was measured after two weeks. Means in rows not sharing the same small letters are statistically significantly different within experimental groups ( ).