Table 13: First-order kinetics constant for metal dissolution reaction extracted by organic acid (OA) mixtures according to (3).

Biosolid treatmentMetal extracted by OAsFirst-order kinetics constant ()

Control0.001 M4.710.344.114.87n.d.5.00
0.01 M3.990.303.903.93n.d.5.42
0.1 M4.300.374.494.460.364.92

135 Mg ha−10.001 M4.130.384.054.650.385.63
0.01 M3.880.514.033.950.405.33
0.1 M3.960.483.813.790.506.06

1,080 Mg ha−10.001 M4.930.324.304.810.244.85
0.01 M5.160.404.414.810.325.75
0.1 M6.250.374.885.530.436.80

Obtained at Moreno Field Station of the University of California, Riverside, CA. From 1976 through 1981 composted BSL were applied at dry weight rates of 0 (control), 22.5, and 180 Mg ha−1 yr−1, respectively.
Concentration was below detection limits of the AAS for Pb = 0.001 mg kg−1.