Table 1: Properties of the units of soil [8]. Symbols based on Brazilian System of Soil Science (SiBCS) and correspondence SiBCS and soil taxonomy.

Mapping unitSiBCSSoil taxonomyTexture/relief/stoninessDeclivityArea

PBACal 1ArgissoloUltisolModerately clayey3–8%0.13 ha
PBACal 2ArgissoloUltisolMedium clayey to clayey, moderately wavy8–13%0.12 ha
PBACal 3ArgissoloUltisolClayey loam to clayey, wavy13–20%0.38 ha
CXve 1CambissoloInceptisolClay loam to clayey13–20%0.19 ha
CXve 2CambissoloInceptisolClay loam to clayey20–45%0.47 ha
CXve 3CambissoloInceptisolClay loam to clayey, stony20–45%0.18 ha
RRh1NeossoloEntisolSandy clay loam to loam, stony3–8%0.29 ha
RRh 2NeossoloEntisolSandy clay loam to loam, stony8–13%0.10 ha
RRh 3NeossoloEntisolSandy clay loam to loam, stony13–20%0.21 ha
RRh 4NeossoloEntisolSandy clay loam to loam, stony20–45%0.35 ha