Table 1: Comparison of the physical composition values of the household and equivalent waste collected from some countries of different continents.

Countries (landfills)Waste type
Organic matterPaper and cardboardPlasticsGlassTextilesMetalsSpecialsReferences

AfricaAlgeria (A.E.H.) study
Morocco (Marrakech)[17]
Nigeria (Amassoma)61.35.420.04.9[18]
Tanzania (Kinondoni)64.610.[19]

AsiaJordan (Akaider)[20]
Malaysia (Iskandar)43.520.922.[21]
Nepal (Tulsipur)[22]
China (Beijing)46.611.[23]

EuropeSpain (Castellón)[24]
Portugal (Porto)44.37.411.[25]
Lithuania (Kaunas)[26]

North AmericaCanada (Ontario)[27]
USA (Illinois)18.621.511.[28]
Mexico (Ensenada)30.210.415.38.9[29]

South AmericaArgentina (Buenos Aires)[30]
Brazil (Belo Horizonte)[31]
Caribbean (Haiti)[32]

Australia (Sydney)[33]

Paints, batteries, thermometers, neon tubes, bulbs, dyes, phytosanitary products, expired drugs, and radiographic foils.