Review Article

Myelopoiesis and Myeloid Leukaemogenesis in the Zebrafish

Figure 1

Overview of zebrafish developmental myelopoiesis, key transgenic lines, and lineage identification tools labelling myeloid cell populations during developmental haematopoiesis. (Transgenic lines are shown in green, other specific lineage identifiers are in blue.) PM: primitive myelopoiesis; EMP: erythromyeloid progenitors; HSPCs: haematopoietic stem and progenitor cells; CMP: common myeloid progenitor; CLP: common lymphoid progenitor; MEP: megakaryocyte/erythroid progenitor; GMP: granulocyte/monocyte progenitor; PHA: peanut haemaglutinin. **Denotes lineages only demonstrated in adult zebrafish. Lineage intermediates are shown for clarity but are yet to be isolated as distinct populations in zebrafish.