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Gab Adapter Proteins as Therapeutic Targets for Hematologic Disease

Table 1

Gabs are associated with multiple common hematopoietic receptors, RTK: receptor tyrosine kinase.

ReceptorLigandCell typePhosphorylatedReferences

 Flt3Flt3LBaF3/Flt3, THP-1, RS4; 11YesYesYes[7, 21]
 FmsM-CSFFDFms, 32D-Fms, EML-Fms, BAC1.2F5, 32D, BMDMNRYesYes[6, 7, 2226]
 KitSCFFDFms, MO7E, MC9, BMMCYesYesNR[23, 2730]
 EPO receptorEPOBaF3, UT-7, HCD-57, primary erythroid cells, R1, Namalwa, FDC-P1YesYesNR[13, 3134]
 G-CSF receptorG-CSFBaF3, DT40NRYesNR[35]
 GM-CSF receptorGM-CSFFDFms, BaF3, UT-7YesYesNR[23, 3638]
 gp130IL-6, LIFHepG2, BAF-B03, T47D, MM.1S, cardiomyocytesYesYesNR[29, 3943]
 IL-15 receptorIL-15T cells, MyLa2059NRYesNR[44, 45]
 IL-2 receptorIL-2Kit225, KT-3, T-cell blasts, T cells, NK3.3, MyLa2059NRYesNR[18, 19, 29, 4547]
 IL-3 receptorIL-3BaF3, BAF-B03, primary hematopoietic cells, NIH 3T3YesYesYes[29, 4853]
 MplTPOTF-1, UT-7, BaF3, primary megakaryocyte progenitorsYesYesNR[5457]

NR: not reported.

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