Table 5: miRNAs involved in erythropoiesis.

MiRNAFunctionPutative targetsReference

miR-144, miR-451Erythroid homeostasis, deficiency leads to splenomegaly, mild anaemia, and erythroid hyperplasia, controlled by GATA1TSPAN12, HMGCR, FBN2, MAP3K8, CXCL16, EREG, ATF2, CDKN2B[54, 55]

miR-451Erythroid differentiation defect and reduction in haematocrit in miRNA-451−/− miceCDKN2B, CXCL16, EREG, ATF2[56]

miR-223Reduces the commitment of erythroid progenitorsLIN54, FOXO1, USP42, ALCAM, BCLAF1, SLC11A2[57, 58]

miR-15b, mi16, miR-22Positive correlation with erythroid markers CD36, CD235a, and CD71PRDM4, KIF1B, LAMP3, SWAP70, LIN7C, AKT3, LAMC1[59, 60]

miR-28Negatively correlate with CD71[59, 60]

miR-320Favours CD71 transcriptional activities[60]

miR-221, miR-222Inhibit normal erythropoiesisTAF9B, MYLIP, RAB18, CYP7A1, KIF16B, MAT2A, NXN[61]

miR-24Targets ALK4TRIB3, CBX5, KCNJ2, DGA52[62]

miR-15aTransition from BFU-E to CFU-E stageGFAP, SLC9A8, ZNRF2, FAM81A[63]