Table 6: miRNAs involved in AML.

miRNAFunctionPutative targetsReference

miR-126*Upregulation leads to chromosomal translocations and inhibits apoptosisADAT2,FOF1, LMO7,[64]

miR-126Targets tumour suppressor PLK2TOM1, CKMT2, ZNF131, RGS3,[64]

miR-223C/EBPα regulates its expression in turn it inhibits E2F1 in AML cellsANKH, SCN1A, SCN3A, CBFB, CDH11, NEBL, RILPL1, CENPN[65]

miR-221Oncogenic miRNA, it inhibits the CDK inhibitor p27HIPK1, RAB18, DNM3, ZNF547,[66]

miR-124aTarget the C/EBPα, silenced and block differentiation gives leukemia phenotype[67]

miR-20a and miR-17Inhibits the p21POLQ, KLF12, STK38, CENTD1, NUP35, GNB5, CTSK[68]

miR-29bTumour suppressor in AML and reduce tumorigenicitySCML2, C1orf96, COL3A1, COL7A1, COL11A1[69]

miR-29bReduced expression of DNA methyltransferasesCD93, HBP1, SNX21, GNS, HMGCR, HNF4G, DNMT3B[69]

miR-196a and miR-196bThey target ERG expressionFOS, GATA6, HOXB6, HOXC8, ZNF24, CCDC47[70]

miR-193bDownregulated in AML and it targets c-KitMMP19, ARMC1, ARPC5