Table 7: miRNAs involved in CML.

miRNAFunctionPutative targetsReference

miR-17-92Down-regulated in imatinib treated CML cellsIRF9, RAB10, TXNIP, TET2[72]

miR-21Antisense inhibition leads to inhibition of migration and cell growth and induces apoptosisTXPAN2, LUM, SUZ12, MSH2, PDZD2[73]

miR-203Methylated in AML, CML, ALL, CLL. Inhibit the expression of BCR-ABLRTKN2, AAK1, MYST4 CD109, IL21, PLD2[74]

miR-451Associated with Bcr-AblTSC1, ACADSB, GRSF1, MAML1, GDI1, NAMPT[75]

miR-29bInhibits ABL1 and BCR/ABL1 there by inhibiting cell growth and colony formationHAS3, SNX24, CD93, SCML2, COL7A1, ZNF396, HMGCR, ICOS[76]

miR-138Represses BCR/ABL1 and CCND3, increases by GATA1KLF12, H3F3B, MYO5C, NXN, NEBL, PDPN, STK38[77]

miR-212Increases the ABCG2 expressionAPAF1, EP300, EDNRA, CFL2, NOS1, SOX4, SOX11[78]