Figure 1: -IFN responses of patients 1 and 2 to Sp17 peptides. In (a) peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) obtained from patients 1 and 2 at time of diagnosis after one year from start of treatment were maintained in short tern culture. A significant γ-IFN response to peptides Sp17(1) and Sp17(2) was observed in cells from both patients obtained at both time points (). No significant response was detected in cultures stimulated by the HIV peptide or containing medium only. (b) PBMCs from patient 1 after three rounds of peptide stimulation expanded in response to Sp17(1) and Sp17(2) peptides. (c) PBMCs from patient 1 were either enriched for CD8-positive cells using anti-CD8 antibody-coated magnetic beads or incubated with an anti-HLA-0201 monoclonal antibody (BB7.2). A significant γ-IFN response was observed only in the culture containing the -positive cells in the absence of anti-MHC class I (). No significant responses were detected in the control cultures or the irrelevant peptides. The results are mean +/− SD and were obtained from triplicate ELISPOT cultures.