Table 3: Health care utilization from first relapse to last available follow-up.

All PatientsRisk Category at Initial MM Diagnosis
High RiskStandard Risk

All patients, n ()200100.055100.0113100.0

Inpatient hospitalizations

 Had ≥ 1 hospitalization, n (%)7035.02341.83228.3

 No. hospitalizations per person-year0.240.340.15

Emergency department visits

 Had ≥ 1 visit, n (%)5427.01629.12824.8

 No. visits per person-year0.230.250.15

Office visits

 Had ≥ 1 visit, n (%)6231.01629.13329.2

 No. visits per person-year1.201.070.97

Hospital outpatient/day visits

 Had ≥ 1 visit, n (%)13668.03869.17768.1

 No. visits per person-year4.654.684.60

High risk: gene rearrangements del(17p), t(4;14), or t(14;16). Standard risk: all patients with known cytogenetics not classified as high risk.