Table 1: The font/background color combinations used in this study: (a) in the Munsell perceptual color space and (b) in RGB along with the corresponding brightness/contrast values.

Font/Background color combinationsFont colorBackground color

Black on WhiteN 0,0/0,08,6RP 9,8/0,6
White on Black8,6RP 9,8/0,6N 0,0/0,0
Yellow on Blue0,2GY 9,5/12,77,0PB 3,2/29,4
Red on Green7,9R 5,2/20,79,6GY 4,5/11,5
Black on GrayN 0,0/0,0N 5,2/0,0
Green on Yellow9,6GY 4,5/11,50,2GY 9,5/12,7
White on Blue8,6RP 9,8/0,67,0PB 3,2/29,4


Font/Background color combinationsFont colorBackground colorColor

Black on White000255255255255765
White on Black255255255000255765
Yellow on Blue255255000255197765
Red on Green25500012801383
Black on Gray000128128128128384
Green on Yellow012802552550151382
White on Blue25525525500255226510